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Son Introduces Dad’s Software To Nation

By Johnny Kampis for The Decatur Daily

When Joe McAlpin got into the software business, he didn’t know anything about software. His father, Charles McAlpin, developed transportation-management software for his freight brokerage company in the 1990s. When Charles McAlpin decided to close shop, Joe McAlpin started Infinity Software Solutions in 2000 to sell the software to other brokers.

“I didn’t know much about software, but I knew the business,” he said. “My dad said if you find someone with a problem and you can provide a solution, you’ve got a customer.”

Thirteen years later, McAlpin has plenty of customers – about 400 nationwide – and he hopes to get more with BrokerPro, a new program the company will release in May.

Freight brokers bring together shippers that need trucks to haul their loads with carriers that want to provide the service. These intermediaries negotiate one rate with the shippers and a lower rate with carriers, keeping the margin for their profits. The software sold by ISS allows brokers to better manage their customer information, including delivery history, customer requirements, sales summaries, invoices and more. ISS offers several levels of the software, which costs $10,000 to $20,000 and integrates with Quickbooks. Brokers can type in a carrier’s Department of Transportation vendor number to check safety ratings and vehicle inspections. The software lets brokers check the insurance level of each hauler and how other users rated carriers.

Laura Wright, with WrightWay Systems of Mobile, said the software makes her job easier.

“Infinity Software really has provided a comprehensive solution to storing and organizing the myriad of paperwork involved in this business,”

The new software represents a paradigm shift, from a sales model to a subscription model. Instead of downloading software onto a computer, users will log on from a remote location to use BrokerPro. This allows the convenience of anywhere use and reduces upfront costs. Brokers will pay about $500 a month plus a setup fee to use the new software. ISS will phase in improvements to the software in the next several months. One enhancement will allow users to calculate mileage between two locations. Another will show the broker’s top dispatchers and allow the company to compare year-to-year sales.

“I really like it,” McAlpin said. “There are a few out there right now, but not the way we’re taking it.”

When McAlpin started his business, he was a workforce of one. ISS has grown to four full-time employees and three contract employee, with others handling the programming.

About Broker Software Suite

BrokerPro is a comprehensive Transportation Management Software (TMS) solution designed to make life easier for medium to large freight brokerage intermediaries and their personnel. With BrokerPro, dispatchers work from a single screen where they can easily build loads, assign carriers, enter shipment details, fax or email rate confirmations and post loads to load boards.

BrokerPlus, our flagship freight broker software, is a comprehensive Transportation Management Software solution designed to make life easier for medium to large transportation intermediaries and their personnel.

About Infinity Software Solutions

Infinity Software Solutions’ innovative freight broker software automates daily workflows for transportation organizations as well as shippers of all sizes. The Infinity Software suite of Broker dispatch software, including BrokerPlus, BrokerPro, and BrokerLite, streamlines the entire transportation management process, giving brokers, freight agents and dispatchers tools to be more productive.

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