ISS Software Update Released

ISS has released a new update in conjunction with the Grizzela Corporation (Post Everywhere). Infinity Software’s line of Transportation Software including: BrokerLite, BrokerPlus, and BrokerPro now includes the SAFER WATCH module.

When researching carriers, Safer Watch will help you by compiling the available information that is scattered among various government websites into one convenient site. The information is clearly presented so you can make quick and informed decisions about a carrier.

A one page Carrier Detail Report can be printed for your due diligence records. The SaferWatch module allows you to do carrier look ups by MC number, DOT number, or any keyword search to look up carrier’s insurance, safety stats, and set alerts to monitor your carriers and insurance.

Also, when setting up a carrier, you can import a carrier’s information into Infinity’s Broker software to completely fill out the carrier’s profile-instead of manually typing in every one of your carrier’s information.

SaferWatch monitors changes daily for all carriers on your “watch list”. You can import a list of carriers for Safer Watch to monitor at anytime. Safer Watch will send you a daily alert email with status and other updates regarding these carriers on your list. You can configure Safer Watch to notify you with important information pertaining to your business.

About Broker Software Suite

BrokerPro is a comprehensive Transportation Management Software (TMS) solution designed to make life easier for medium to large freight brokerage intermediaries and their personnel. With BrokerPro, dispatchers work from a single screen where they can easily build loads, assign carriers, enter shipment details, fax or email rate confirmations and post loads to load boards.

BrokerPlus, our flagship freight broker software, is a comprehensive Transportation Management Software solution designed to make life easier for medium to large transportation intermediaries and their personnel.

About Infinity Software Solutions

Infinity Software Solutions’ innovative freight broker software automates daily workflows for transportation organizations as well as shippers of all sizes. The Infinity Software suite of Broker dispatch software, including BrokerPlus, BrokerPro, and BrokerLite, streamlines the entire transportation management process, giving brokers, freight agents and dispatchers tools to be more productive.

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